Coding stuff for the internet.

About me

I'm Mondanzo, a 18 year old student born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. I'm a hobby programmer with a long history of projects. Most projects I make are personal projects or part of an Hackathon (to be precise for Jugendhackt). Over the years I also collected a lot of experience with the most different kinds of software tools and programming languages. I mostly work using git and Github (even tho not all projects are going on there or are public). The IDE I use to mainly develop in is Visual Studio Code and depending on some special cases I also work using InteliJ (mainly for Java Projects). I've tried out many languages which sometimes been similiar but also many times completely new. The most experience I collected in Python, JavaScript / TypeScript, C#, Java, Lua, C(++). Additionally to that I also actively develop with HTML and CSS which also resolve in websites like this one! Languages I've worked with before and know quite a good amount about are Vlang and Rust.

Where to find me

I am tagging along on a bunch of social media platforms.



A Community Discord with a bunch of technology around it.


A NodeJS library for getting mods for Minecraft from


A progressive Web App aiming to fix issues with attending Jugendhackt.